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Inspiring Trust

Welcome to Susee homes – a real estate organization that strives for your trust inspired by excellence and perfection. Incorporated and founded in 2016, we love to serve people with faithfulness and build our environment into a greener, functional place with dignity.

The firm’s professionals and consultants are committed to helping you achieve results. We reach beyond the obvious and predictable to ask more probing questions, seek more thorough answers, and suggest more effective alternatives. It is this concept of working together with our clients, combined with our commitment and concern for their financial success that they respect, trust and recommend.


In-House Quality


Our team of trusted professionals is not just content to build the job; we are looking to build the relationship. From conception to completion, our clients continually rely on us to meet and exceed their timelines and specifications on each project. We combine traditional standards of quality with a contemporary understanding of schedule and budget to produce beautiful, lasting interiors that will impress for years to come. 

With a staff that’s always tailored to fit your project and a clean, organized workflow, our process is engineered to deliver exceptional results every time.


makes us different

We consistently meet and exceed industry standards by approaching challenges in an exacting and systematic way. The long standing mission of the company is to dedicate itself to create spaces that blend in with the surroundings and exude vitality and aesthetic appeal, making the spaces present-perfect and future-proof.

Creative Solutions

It al starts with good designs, we meticulously plan and create your home to ensure the maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Impressive Results

Our expert teams work on each individual project with the utmost care to give the best results possible.

Innovative Engineering

Each of our homes provide a different ambience and experience. We maintain consistency in quality and on time delivery.



Susee Homes guarantees intelligent investment, high quality construction procedures and good ambience in each of the homes we build. Each home is customized to suit our customer needs. We build your dream home!



Susee homes private limited No-105A , Ramesh enclave, thirumalai nagar annexe, perungudi, OMR IT highway chennai-96
044-6528 5555/ 7448995555
Email : [email protected]

  • Ron E. Saunders
    Ron E. Saunders Senior Designer
  • Clara P. Gamez
    Clara P. Gamez architect LEAD
  • Peter A. Hull
    Peter A. Hull master builder




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